Why are elderly people being treated like animals?

I AM writing with reference to Mr Edwin Poots and the closure of Trust Care Homes. I feel we have a right to express our views and feelings, on behalf of a lot of residents who can’t speak for themselves.

I would ask Mr Poots - why are you treating our war heroes and past tax paying elderly people like animals? Taking what they know as their homes away from them.

They are not your farm animals, you just can’t move them on to ‘new pastures’. I suggest you stick to farming.

Mr Poots you haven’t a clue what a Trust home provides for its residents and their families. I work in a Trust home in Lisburn and no doubt we will be next.

What happened to these people’s human rights? It seems to be a case of you’re old and no-one cares. As long as our government representatives are lining their pockets at the end of the month.

These people in these homes could not possibly survive in their own homes. And you Mr Poots are not looking at the bigger picture.

Speaking from experience, as I have had my mother in a Trust Home, and a grandmother in a private home, I can speak very highly of the Trust homes and their standard of care, compared to private, which is my eyes and those of a lot of other peoples, are ‘money making schemes’ as they take every last penny from our elderly and their families, which most of these residents have worked all their lives for.

And as for the so called ‘consultation period’, it is a load of rubbish, as all the big wigs have already made the decisions. Seymour House, and many more Trust-wide homes being prime examples.

Have you had any thoughts for the excellent staff, permanent and bank? Where do they get future jobs?

You need to treat all these people like human beings and not animals.

A prime example of ‘care in the community’ is this week’s press, highlighting how a ‘so called community care worker’ stole from one of her clients. Is this what Mr Poots calls ‘care in the community’?

Mr Poots you will be getting no votes off me again. And I hope a lot of other people share my feelings. Get out and get a petition started.

A Concerned Carer