Maze prison buildings should be bulldozed

LAGAN Valley MP Jeffrey Donaldson is deluded if he thinks there is no opposition to the Maze Peace Centre.

People have been opposing this from the day and hour it was even mentioned.

None of the politicians were successful in opposing the listed building status. Why are the buildings still there?

I was a prison officer for 25 years and I know every inch of the prison. Why are those buildings still standing? They should be bulldozed. Even the ground the buildings are on is evil.

It galls me to think that terrorists could end up being tour guides here. You only have to go on a guided tour of Derry to see how history can be coloured and airbrushed.

Men we worked with were killed there. Men were tortured and beaten to a pulp.

A peace centre could be built anywhere, it doesn’t have to be built on this site.

Ex Prison Officer