McCalls staff show their support to Friends of the Cancer Centre

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Award winning retailers, McCalls of Lisburn, have raised £3,835.61 to support families affected by cancer, through their partnership with local charity, Friends of the Cancer Centre.

Throughout 2018 and 2019, the staff and customers of McCalls of Lisburn have taken part in a range of fundraising and awareness raising activities for the charity. The employees chose to partner with the charity due to members of their families receiving support.

Pepe Stewart, Merchandising Manager at McCalls said: “As a family business, we were keen to choose a charity that supported our employees’ families and families in our local community. People come from across Northern Ireland to our stores in Lisburn, just as patients travel across Northern Ireland to the Cancer Centre in Belfast for treatment. We are delighted to have raised so much money and to hear that this could provide an hour of specialist nursing care for 153 people with cancer, supporting the patient and their family members.

“I am so proud of my colleagues who have taken part in events such as the Lisburn 10K and Wear Something Festive, as well as raising awareness of the charity’s ‘Talking Balls’ and ‘Breast Bud’ initiatives, which help people find out how to perform step-by-step cancer awareness checks. Our tuck shop for staff is very popular and our customers have been fantastic too, helping raise money through our Easter baskets, Halloween ghoulish bags and festive hampers.”

Thanking the team, Ana Wilkinson, corporate fundraising manager at Friends of the Cancer Centre, said: “I’d like to say a big thank you to the staff and customers of McCalls of Lisburn, as it’s thanks to people like you that Friends of the Cancer Centre is able to provide vital support every year to thousands of families across Northern Ireland who are affected by cancer.”