Drink-driver arrested: Woman found to be three times over legal limit

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A woman was arrested on suspicion of drink-driving after officers responded to reports of a car being driven erratically on Hillhall Road near Lisburn yesterday.

Police were tasked to the area shortly before 5:30pm and arrested a 38-year-old, who was found to be three times over the legal limit.

The woman has been charged with driving with excess alcohol and will be appearing before Lisburn Magistrates Court, according to the PSNI.

Chief Inspector John Wilson said: “We’re asking all road users to work with us to reduce the numbers of killed or seriously injured on our roads and share the responsibility to keep our roads safe this year.

“We shouldn’t be detecting anyone drink-driving. We all know the dangers. No one should think it is acceptable to drive under the influence of drink or drugs.

“It’s disappointing that despite our warnings, there are still people who completely disregard the safety of themselves and others by continuing this shameful and incredibly dangerous practice. Just one drink can impair ability to drive.

“Many also risk losing their jobs or going to jail. The alternative consequences had they not been caught do not bear thinking about. Each one of these drink-drive detections has potentially saved lives.”

He added: “Police will continue to detect people who insist on driving after having taken drugs or alcohol. We are again appealing for all motorists to consider the consequences of their actions. Just do not take the risk of having even one drink if you are driving. The consequences, as police officers and our emergency service colleagues witness first hand, can be catastrophic.”