Local charities urge readers to show support for vital Change the Future campaign

Will to Give is dedicating the week of November 5 - 11 to encourage people to consider leaving a charitable gift in their will to their favourite cause .

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Thursday, 8th November 2018, 4:45 pm
Leaving a gift in your will to charity means that charities like USPCA can continue to make a difference now and in the future

Will to Give is a group of 60 Northern Ireland cherished charities who have come together with one aim - 'to increase awareness of how important gifts in wills are to the causes we all care dearly for.'

With this in mind, Will to Give is dedicating this week (November 5 - November 11) to encourage readers across the province to think about making their will and perhaps consider leaving a charitable gift to their favourite cause with their Change the Future campaign.

A Will to Give spokesperson said: ''Every day right here in Northern Ireland lives are transformed thanks to the generosity of gifts left in Wills by local people.

November 5 - 11 is Will to Give week, and local charities are asking our readers across Northern Ireland to help Change the Future for the charities you care for by leaving a gift in your will

''These gifts make a huge contribution to our work and typically fund life-changing research projects and services which can impact on thousands of local lives and change the future for many.

''Your will tells the people you leave behind, about the person you are. It’s about the people you love and the things you care about. Your will helps pass on your principles and the values that matter to you. A gift in your will can ensure that your most loved charities can continue to make a difference for many years to come.''

Eimear McCooey, Will to Give Chair, agreed: “We plan for life’s major milestones; births, weddings, anniversaries but most of us shy away from talking about and planning for death - yet it is the one thing that is guaranteed to happen to us all!

''I strongly believe that talking openly about the future can help ensure we have a better experience when it eventually does happen, and one of the things we can plan for is the legacy we want to leave behind.

Will to Give member USPCA; We believe our success in preventing animal cruelty and the relief of suffering is an enduring tribute to those absent friends who shared our values

''Making a will is important because it gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your wishes will be respected and the ones you love are looked after, whether that be family, friends or even a well-loved charity. I am leaving a small gift to the charities I care for in my will.''

Will to Give member the USPCA added its appreciation of the value of legacy gifts with Brendan Mullan, Chief Executive, explaining:

“The USPCA was established in 1836 and since then the activities of the USPCA have evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of animals.

''By deciding to leave us a gift in your will you are helping us protect all animals across Northern Ireland.

''Legacies are extremely important to the USPCA and without these the charity would not be able to deliver our vital services to animals. We believe our success in preventing animal cruelty and the relief of suffering is an enduring tribute to those absent friends who shared our values.''

Will to Give added: ''Anyone can leave a gift in their will. It really doesn’t matter what size – small or large, every gift is greatly received.

''It is very easy to leave a gift in your will to charity – in fact, hundreds of people do it every year in Northern Ireland. We will always advise you to speak with your solicitor to have your will drafted correctly. Your solicitor should be familiar with how to write such a gift into your will.''

Further information

Will to Give is a charity dedicated to promoting charitable gifts in Wills in Northern Ireland. With almost 60 charity members, representing all sizes and causes, Will to Give is making steady progress in raising awareness of the significance and positive impact associated with leaving a charitable Will gift.

Join Will to Give @WilltoGive on Facebook and Twitter #changethefuture and share with Will to Give what you wish the future to hold for your chosen charity.

Email [email protected] for more information or visit Will to Give on their website: www.willtogive.org.