THROUGH THE ARCHIVES: Memorial to Great War heroes is dedicated by Presbyterian Moderator

From the News Letter, April 25, 1920

Sunday, 25th April 2021, 6:00 am
First World War memorials at Verdun
First World War memorials at Verdun

The News Letter on this day in 1920 reported how memorial tablets had been dedicated in York Street Presbyterian Church to the members of the congregation who had served and died during the Great War.

The tablets were unveiled by the Moderator of the General Synod, the Right Reverend Dr Simms, CB, CMG, while the Reverend W A Watson, MA, BD, the minister of the church, and the Reverend George Thompson conducted the solemn service.

The funds for the memorial tablets, noted the News Letter, had been raised by the 33rd Troop of the Boys Scouts (Messrs Workman and Clark’s). The names of the fallen heroes as engraved on the memorial were read by the Rev W A Watson. They were: S R Boyd, R Browne, F Dawson, W Gray, W King, A McClelland, T McCullagh, Lance-Corporal W McCullagh, T Magowan, S McIlwrath, J McKean, Second Lieutenant W S Baird Ross, H G Scott and John Young.

The Moderator chose for his text the words “These all died in faith” (Hebrews ii, 13).

He remarked: “Out there [on the battlefield], when they had their back to the wall, and knew they were bearing a burden greater than flesh and blood could bear, it seemed to them that any man who was not prepared to defend his hearth and home was not worthy of citizenship in a free land.”

He added that those who came to York Street Presbyterian Church and saw the newly unveiled memorials would find “an incentive to imitate their example”.

At the end of the ceremony The Last Post was sounded and Mrs Watson, on behalf of the ladies of the congregation, placed a laurel wreath at the foot of the memorial.