Whitemountain group in search for sculpture park helpers

Whitemountain and District Community Association (WDCA) is inviting volunteers to help out with the preparation work of eight geologically themed sculptures at the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) owned Belshaws Quarry National Nature Reserve on Benson’s Road.

On Saturday, March 25 from 9am activities to erect gabion bases and signage for the installation of the sculptures the following week will take place.

Anyone can help out and if anyone could bring their garden wheelbarrow and shovel, that would be an even greater start.

There is no particular start or finish time but ideally helpers should go to the nature reserve for as close to 9am as possible so the activities can be planned.

John Belshaw, Chairperson of WDCA and project-coordinator commented at the recent Design A ‘Words Sculpture’ workshop.

“The momentum is really gaining amongst the six sculptors creating their works that will present in an artistic way the key geological features that have resulted in thesite’s designation as an Area of Special Scientific Interest,” Mr Belshaw said.

“At our sculpture design morning the process of arriving at a concept of a Words Sculpture was very interesting and thanks to all for their input.

Saturday 25th will hopefully see helpers come along for what will no doubt be some keep fit activities as part of the process of rock filling of the bases. I would ask those able to help out to let us know by visiting our website www.whitemountain.org.uk to obtain information on the process involved.

“The plan is to have an unveiling ceremony on Saturday 8th April at the nature reserve with more on that in the coming weeks.”

Whitemountain and District Community Association aims to help connect together residents of areas bounded by Sheepwalk Rd, Pond Park Road, Beanstown Road, Glenavy Road and Whinney Hill in the townlands of Whitemountain, Aghnahough, Beanstown, Ballyclough just North of Lisburn.

More information on the associations’ activities are on their web site www.whitemountain.org.uk

The funding for this project was secured through the Alpha Programme. This programme was launched in 2008 by Alpha Resource Management Ltd, a dedicated waste management and green energy company based at Mullaghglass. The Alpha Programme is managed by Groundwork NI and uses funding through the Landfill Tax Credit Scheme to help improve the lives of communities close to Mullaghglass landfill site.