Visual Artist Aly Harte debuts in Hillsborough

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Visual artist Aly Harte opens her debut exhibition in Hillsborough Village Centre on May 27 and it will run until June 23.

Entitled ‘City Artist. Country Born. Sea Inspired’, the exhibition is a collection of Aly’s latest works inspired by the beautiful seascapes of Irish coastlines both north and south.

‘City Artist. Country Born. Sea Inspired’ realises eight original pieces inspired by memories that she has had with her family past and present, and invokes a reminiscence that everyone can relate to.

“Visiting the Irish coastline is an incredibly multi-sensory experience with its ever changing weather and dramatic scenery that continues for miles, therefore I have used abstract colours and textures that alters at every angle and light to reflect the sea’s constant energy,” she explained.

“I wanted to capture relatable memories that people could appreciate at home, or give to friends and family as a token of a special day out. Many of my collections are inspired by the beauty and importance of everyday moments, objects and places and my latest collection is no exception.”

The pieces are made with Irish holiday makers and lovers of scenic walks in mind, and like other collections her vision is to help others feel connected to her work through recognition and memories of places, people and items.

Her practice is influenced heavily by her own childhood memories of growing up in a smallholding in the County Down countryside making Hillsborough the perfect location for her debut exhibition. Aly works from a studio in Belfast which is conducive to her family life with her husband and their three young boys.

Aly Harte pieces are on sale at Hillsborough Village Centre until June 23. Prints of her other collections are available to buy at various outlets across Ireland and online for more information visit