Tune up for Penny Square’s Sing Club

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A new initiative launched by local live band ‘Mississippi Boombox’ has people flocking together in the City Centre on the second Friday of every month for one common goal - to sing.

Sing Club takes place at 8pm at Penny Square CIC, off Haslem’s Lane in the City Centre and welcomes everyone to come along and sing together in a relaxed environment. The idea is that no prior experience or level of singing is required, all will be taught on the night. In fact, Sing Club Lisburn goes a step further and ensures no prior practice or rehearsals are needed prior to the monthly event.

Doors open at 8pm (with a small cover charge) and the crowd are welcomed, everyone mingles and has the option to bring a bottle and enjoy hot food before the singing commences. The crowd then assemble as a group and the song for the night is unveiled. Words are projected on to a screen for the crowd to follow and the parts are taught by Amanda and the other half of Mississippi Boombox Ryan Hanna accompanying on guitar.