Tories reveal election candidate

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The Lagan Valley branch of the Conservative Party has announced their candidate for Lisburn North in the upcoming council election is Gary Hynds.

Aged 33, Mr Hynds, who has lived in the Hilden area of Lisburn North all of his life, says he wants to “bring some fresh change to the council and offer something very different to the same old politics in Lisburn”.

He continued: “Quite simply, I have lived in the area all my life, I love our area and want to give something back. I am a proud Unionist who offers something very different and unique compared to other Unionists who stand for election in our area. I very much offer a socially liberal outlook, combined with Conservative economics so that you can all keep more of your own money.

“As a strong believer in freedom and liberty for all, if you are doing no harm to others, I support your right to do what you want and live your life however you please. Too often, politicians in Northern Ireland, both Unionist and Nationalist, think their job is to tell us what to do, control our lives and be moral guardians, I do not subscribe to this and instead celebrate how different we all are. A strong economy alongside this surely secures a better life for us all.”

“If elected as your Conservative and Unionist Councillor on May 2 I will have the ear of our government at Westminster, to lobby on behalf of our area.”