Go berserk at the circus

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Circus Berserk rolled into Belfast last week and I defy anyone not to watch the death-defying performances with open mouths.

The acrobatic, tumbling, balancing, comedic, nail-biting theatrical experience was something that will never be forgotten.

The skills on display showed just what the human body is capable of and I found myself completely unable to get through any of the acts without repeatedly saying ‘wow’.

I think it would be virtually impossible to single out any one act that thrilled more than the others but the skills of the Timbuktu Tumblers definitely got things off to a flying start.

There was elegance, strength and grace from Finnish balancing act Duo Ramona, and aerial thrills from strap acrobat Jackie.

Many of the acts brought their own flair and humour but perhaps none more so than modern day clown Tweedy, who delighted the audience with his slapstick comedy throughout the night,

If you managed to get through the show without your heart in your mouth then the finale with four motorcycles speeding around the alarmingly tiny ‘globe of death’ will certainly have made this a night you will never forget,

The show was perfect for both the young and the young at heart and the audience showed their appreciation at the end of the night with a standing ovation and more than a little disappointment that it was all over.

If the circus ever comes back into town, it should definitely be at the top of your ‘must see’ list.