Exhibition explores life in the Maze prison

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‘Figures Through the Wire’, a new exhibition which provides a unique insight into what life was like in prison, has opened at the Ulster Museum.

Consisting of paintings and drawings by the artist Geordie Morrow, the exhibition represents the lived experiences of one man and his observations during his time in the Maze Prison in the 1970s.

Morrow served a three year sentence in the Maze, where he sketched and painted on an almost daily basis.

At this time the site was in transition from the compounds of Nissen Huts where Morrow was held to the construction of the characteristic H-Block structures.

Geordie Morrow continued to create works upon his release. “Art has been the one constant in my life,” he explained. “I have drawn since childhood and expect to draw every day. I have had a number of recent exhibitions, but I am honoured to have my work shown at the Ulster Museum.

“Art comes from your emotional response to nature and life as it unfolds around you. When nature shows its strength, we stand in awe and accept its power and right to act.”