Capture your natural connections

Working with Translink, Belfast photographic gallery, Belfast Exposed, has launched a competition to capture the ‘Natural Connections’ which have sustained, surrounded, supported and encouraged people and communities since March 23, 2020, the first day of lockdown last year.

Friday, 26th March 2021, 10:19 am
Capture your natural environment during lockdown. Pic by Pato Cassinoni

Commenting on the competition which will run until April 22 and can be entered online, chief executive of Belfast Exposed, Deirdre Robb, said; “We have seen on a daily basis through news, print, and social platforms how the public is capturing, and experiencing the world, nature and lives around them through this pandemic. As we face the first anniversary of Covid 19 and the first lockdown which stared on March 23, 2020, this project is focused on celebrating how resilient and imaginative we are to get through it, together, or individually.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Translink on this project, which will include an exhibition later in the year, given their commitment to climate action and protecting our natural environment.

“We want images of what people naturally connected to during this time, it could be the outdoors, indoors, mountains, or lakes, their local park or a newly discovered path. So long as the image was captured since last March, or it can indeed be taken now, anytime up until the end of the competition on Earth Day. It’s all about seizing the moment of ‘natural connections’ from then until now essentially.”

To get involved in the photographic competition, send images taken since March 23, 2020 to Earth Day (April 22), using the hashtag #NaturalConnections2021 on social media. Entries can also be emailed to [email protected], closing April 22. The competition is open to all ages and photographs can be taken on a phone, or camera of any kind, so long as it captures the moment in time when connecting through or with nature was snapped.