Artist shows work in the Big Apple

Robert Ellison in his studio
Robert Ellison in his studio

Lisburn artist Robert Ellison will be showing some of his original works at a top gallery in New York.

Robert will be showing some of paintings at Chelsea’s Agora Gallery, in New York.

He will be one of seven artists displaying at the The Emerging Visions exhibition, that opens on January 21 until February 10.

His work has already made an impression with American art lovers. His still lifes helped him win a first, second, third and fourth place in their category (Impressionist Still Lifes) in the 2016 American Art Awards.

Some of his works depicts the timeless scenery of coastal County Donegal, but he is also inspired by his travels elsewhere in Ireland, Wales and southern Europe.

An excited Robert said, “I am delighted to have been asked by Agora to show some of my work in their Chelsea Manhattan gallery.

“New York is widely regarded as the centre of the visual art world and the expertise and professionalism of the individuals who run Agora live up to that perception.

“Not only do I feel privileged to exhibit there, but I am also greatly heartened by the number of my friends and relatives who are travelling long distances to be with me at the opening and who have gone out of their way to assist in the whole process - and indeed our friends who are kindly putting us up in Greenwich Village a short distance from the gallery.”

His paintings mostly in oils and acrylics on canvas, captures such things as a flower, a field of grass or a horse in motion in striking detail, and highlights the texture of paint itself in equal measure.

On his Facebook page he describes his works having ‘blending realism’ and ‘abstraction.’

“I find inspiration in unusual aspects of manmade or natural objects and in the field markings, shapes and skies of the natural landscape.

“I am an Irish painter, influenced by the works I have seen of great European painters such as Van Gogh, Matisse, Soutine and Picasso.

“My work is held in private and public collections, has been included in a significant number of Royal Ulster Academy exhibitions and has been the subject of three well received solo exhibitions at the Island Arts Centre Lisburn (to which I hope to return in 2017).

Agora is a contemporary fine art gallery located in Chelsea’s fine art district. Established in 1984, it specialises in connecting art dealers and collectors with national and international artists.