Master of Irish comedy

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One of the original masters of Irish comedy, Kevin McAleer returns to the Island Arts Centre on Friday November 20 at 8pm.

Thirty years ago McAleer accidentally discovered that if he delivered nonsense for hours into a microphone, people would laugh and give him money.

He called his new invention ‘comedy’.

A bit older but obviously no wiser, he continues to push the borders of hilarious insanity to breaking point. He has influenced a whole generation of stand-ups.

This includes Stewart Lee to David O’Doherty with sharp, original writing that would have Beckett laughing in his grave.

Kevin’s beautifully crafted material that could pass for literature if it wasn’t so funny, and the trademark droll delivery and timing just improve, like a vintage wine.

No wonder he has enjoyed a fresh surge of popularity via the YouTube generation, drawn to his legendary Channel 4 slide-show footage, or his antics on RTE’s Nighthawks.

His comedy is clever, childish, and hilarious and remains fresh and relevant as ever. So come prepared to laugh your head off.

Tickets, priced £15/£12 concession, are available by logging onto

Alternatively contact the Island Arts Centre Box Office on 028 92 509254.