The Fureys

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Legends of Irish music and song The Fureys, renowned for their hit songs I will love you, When You Were Sweet 16, The Green fields of France, The Old Man, Red Rose Café, From Clare to Here, Her Father Didn’t Like MeAnyway, Leaving Nancy, and Steal Away, will be making a welcome return to the Island Hall in Lisburn on January 10 as part of their upcoming tour.

The Fureys have been entertaining audiences worldwide for 40 years, audiences that have included former Australian Prime Minister John Howard, Former Irish President Mary McAleese and the late Pope John Paul while Tony Blair has publicly stated his favourite peace song of all time is the Green Fields of France.

The band was formed in 1978 literally by accident. George, Paul and Davey were playing in Denmark with their own band called the Buskers and Eddie and Finbar, while touring in Germany were involved in a road accident. When George and Paul got news of the accident they immediately travelled to Germany to be with their brothers. They then decided that they should all be playing together and this was the start of the Fureys.

Inevitably changes have occurred over the years. However George and Eddie have continued to delight audiences on their tours and have released a new CD to celebrate their 40th anniversary.