Robbie Nelson hosts Met Arena 2014

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Prepare for a whirlwind of emotions as legendary Northern Ireland DJ Robbie Nelson hosts The Met Arena 2014.

Ten years on from the final closing of the Met Arena Doors the famous nightclub brand arrives in Belfast’s most prestigious and glamorous clubbing venue, El Divino, for an extra-special extravaganza on Saturday 27 December.

Robbie Nelson takes control of the music, delving into three decades’ worth of records to find those hands-in-the-air anthems and forgotten gems that will transport you back in time.

Robbie is joined by a cornerstone of the UK electronic music scene, the godfather of Balearic trance, and one of the most popular dance acts on the planet; Chicane.

Joining Robbie Nelson and Chicane is one of the most technically-gifted DJs this country has ever produced; Chris Davis.

Davis’ residency during the final years of the Met Arena are remembered as some of the best nights in the history of clubbing on this island.

His scratching, phasing and manipulation of the vinyl made him a huge favourite, not just with the crowd, but visiting artists as well.

Join Robbie Nelson, Chicane and Chris Davis for the biggest oldskool party anywhere in Ireland this Christmas; the Met Arena 2014.

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