Lisburn date with Southern Tenant Folk Union

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The awardwinning Southern Tenant Folk Union will be stopping off at the Island Centre in Lisburn on Thursday March 5.

The Lisburn show comes hot on the heels of the release of their new album ‘The Chuck Norris Project’.

Conceptually the tracks on the collective’s new album ‘The Chuck Norris Project’ are all named after different movies from the actor’s career (though have nothing to do with the plots & contain no reference to car chases, explosions or karate chops) with each song taking the title as a starting point to discuss political ideas.

Belfast born band leader Pat McGarvey came upon the idea in during the last US presidential election when Mr Norris & his wife released a campaign video urging voters to come out for Mitt Romney saying that a vote for Obama would lead to “a thousand years of darkness”, a statement he felt unhelpful to the debate. Musically eclectic, the album remains an all-acoustic affair but takes in influences like 70’s disco, folk & soundtrack music mixing elements of composers like John Carpenter, Gene Clark and Fabio Frizzi.

Featuring an expanded sound with orchestrated fiddle, clarinet and cello on top of the band’s regular 5 string banjo, double bass, cajon, mandolin and acoustic guitars, the songs each explore different subjects that expand upon the original movie title in unexpected ways. Also influential was the work of 70’s soul composer/arrangers such as Isaac Hayes, J.J. Johnson and Barry White on songs like the epic Martial Law or the relentless folk disco of Walker, both tracks using those big soundtrack stylings to emphasise and reflect the emotion of the lyrical content.

The Lisburn show starts at 8pm and tickets, priced £12, are on sale now from the Island Arts Centre Box Office on 9250 9254.