Jordan’s Christmas cracker goes viral

Jordan Humphrie with her boyfriend Danny Mcloughlin
Jordan Humphrie with her boyfriend Danny Mcloughlin

A Lisburn woman’s parody of Mariah Carey’s hit ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ has gone viral after she expressed her love for food by changing the lyrics.

Jordan Humphries, 24, uploaded the video to her Facebook page and so far it has received nearly 300,000 views while, when the Lad Bible put it on their Facebook page, it received another two million views.

Thousands of people have also shared the video and the reaction is not what Jordan expected at all.

She said: “It’s funny. I didn’t expect it to take off like this. I thought I would get about 50 likes from my friends.

“I wish I’d done a bit more of a professional job with it now - maybe done my hair and makeup! The feedback has been really positive and its nice to know that other people share my love of food.”

Jordan, who attended Wallace High School, originally created the video for her boyfriend.

She said: “I always sing wee songs to my boyfriend and send him 10 second clips. He’s always making fun of the amount I can eat so I thought I could make a funny song about it.

“I spent about 20 minutes thinking of wee rhymes to go along with the song and then about five minutes recording it.”

Jordan has no plans to become the next social media celebrity and won’t be making the videos a regular thing.

She said: “I find all the attention a wee bit cringey to be honest. I got a bit more fame thatn I’d bargained for.

“It started going mad on Saturday and it has just got worse and worse since then.

“I don’t really have any plans to do more videos. My mum and dad are saying I have to do a follow up but I’ve no interest.”

The video was picked up by a number of national publications and it even made its way as far as London where Jordan’s brother saw it.

“My brother lives in London and he wouldn’t ever really be on my Facebook page,” she said. “I got a call from him saying ‘Why am i seeing your face on the Daily Mirror?’”

Jordan used to perform for Fusion theatre in Lisburn from the age of 11 and now plays in shows at the Grand Opera House for Ulster Operatic.

Check out Jordan’s video on the STAR website and let us know what you think.