A life changing year with the African Children’s Choir

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Sunday November 14 will be a homecoming for Lisa Carson when she brings the African Children’s Choir to sing at her church, St Paul’s, where her father, Canon Jim Carson is the minister.

Lisa has spent the last eleven months touring the United States and Canada with the world renowned African Children’s Choir and now they have come to the UK for the final leg of their tour, which will include the launch of their Christmas CD ‘Emmanuel’ at the Waterfront Hall in Belfast.

Lisa, who has always had a passion for music, studied music at Edinburgh University. When she took up an invite to a concert to see the African Children’s Choir, little did she know it would be a night out that would change her life forever.

“I have always been involved in music in the church and I feel that God has blessed me with these talents and I want to use that to bless other people,” she explained.
“When I saw the African Children’s Choir they just blew me away. The kids came out with so much enthusiasm, they had so much hope and love. They were so joyful, even though they come from impoverished backgrounds and their parents have no means of supporting them.

“It broke my heart a bit and I found the courage to apply to be a chaperone and I was given the role of music supervisor as well.”

Lisa signed up for a twelve month tour with the choir, who perform in schools, churches and halls all over the world. “The experience has been so unique,” she continued. “I think I have learnt more from the children than they have from me. Getting to see these children in everyday situations and how much love they have for life has been life changing for me.”

Lisa is really looking forward to showing off the children at her home church in Lisburn. “Performing in my own church is very special,” she said. “I get to show the children off and it will be good to see my family and let them get a grasp of what I have been doing over the past year.”

The African Children’s Choir will be joined at St Paul’s by the Lisburn Children’s Community Choir. “It will be a very special night,” Lisa added.

Lisa is coming to the end of her time with the African Children’s Choir and she is grateful for every moment she has spent with the children. “It has been such a blessing to be part of this organisation, which is changing the future of Africa,” concluded Lisa. “I never thought watching that concert would change my life forever.”

Tickets for the concert at St Paul’s, for a suggested donation of £5, are available from the church office on 9266 3118 or by contacting 07955092898. Find out more about the choir and their new CD on www.africanchildrenschoir.org.uk.