Dream comes true for author

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Lisburn author Catherine Morrison is proof that dreams really can come true after she penned her debut novel ‘The Hook’.

Catherine (38) lives in Lisburn with her husband and two small children.

Despite graduating from the University of Ulster in 2002 with a BA in English Literature and Media Studies, Catherine did not put pen to paper until she was certain she had forgotten absolutely everything she had learned during her degree.

One night in 2018, Catherine had a dream. A dream she couldn’t shake. For reasons she still can’t explain, she decided to try to get that dream down onto paper. It wasn’t easy. But now, just over a year later, she is proud to have independently published her debut novel, The Hook.

The Hook is a romantic comedy that follows Kate Turner, as she arrives in New York on a mission to right a wrong. During a chance encounter with New York Times editor Mike Kelly, she pretends to be a reporter in pursuit of a story.

Catherine has also vowed that she won’t stop at one book. During lunch with her family at a motorway service station, she had an idea for another story, just a short one this time. But that short story is evolving in to a full novel and will be published in 2020.

The Hook has already received 5-star reviews and is available to buy on Amazon as an eBook or in Paperback. It is also free to read for subscribers of Kindle Unlimited.