A five year search for housing continues

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The husband of a disabled woman claims he has been trying unsuccesfully for five years to get suitable accommodation for his wife in Lisburn.

Carl Edmondson and wife Lorraine, who suffers from COPD, currently live in a two storey house in Knockmore, which, they say, is unsuitable for their needs.

Carl, who rents privately in Knockmore, says that a ground floor flat would be more suitable for his wife and each time he visits the local Housing Executive office to ask about getting moved he is told he has the maximum points but nothing seems to be available.

He believes the stress of the situation has made his wife’s condition worse.

“She is in hospital at the moment,” Carl said.

“At least she is somewhere where she is safe.

“When she is at home and everytime I go out and leave her in the house I worry about her.

“She is permanently bedridden but I fear that something is going to happen to her.

“We live in a two storey house and with her being constantly upstairs I fear it will affect her health further. She just exists she does not live.

“We have been on the list for five years, but I have been pushing this for the past two.

“I will live anywhere as long as it is in Lisburn, where my wife is from, and is on the ground floor. I have told the Housing Executive this.

“I think living in a ground floor flat will lift her spirits. The whole thing is just getting her so down.

“She just simply cannot negotiate stairs.

“I just do not know what the point system is all about and why we cannot get suitable accommodation,”

Carl said he contacted politicians and even got a letter from both the doctors and the health visitors to help his case.

“I think if she was downstairs I would see a complete change in her,” he said.

“The whole thing just gets her really down. She just exists she is not living a life.

“I think, if my wife was able to walk around in a ground floor flat, her life would be much easier.

“I am at my wits end. We can only do what we can.

“This is just a nightmare for us. I worry myself sick about her when I am not at home.

“I dont like to complain but really what else can I do?”

A spokespersson for the Housing Executive said, “The Housing Executive can confirm an application for housing has been received.

“It was assessed based on the information given and awarded the maximum number of points eligible.

“The area which he would like to live in is one where the turnover of properties is low with bungalows and ground floor flats in high demand.

“We would therefore ask Mr Edmondson to contact his local office to discuss his housing opportunities.”