Tannery welcomes Ritchie Remo

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Far from resting on his laurels following the stunning success of ‘Hit the Diff’, Ritchie Remo will be highlighting his more recent single ‘Honey I’m good’ when he appears with his band at The Tannery, Moira on Friday night (November 27).

It promises to be a special occasion as Ritchie’s fans from all over Mid-Ulster are travelling to the venue to participate in what should prove to be a lively night’s entertainment.

“The single is a winner, we believe, and I will surely be checking out the reaction at the Tannery. Obviously we were delighted with the success of ‘Hit the Diff’ but we are equally confident about this song,” said Ritchie.

Doors at The Tannery will open at 9pm on Friday night and admission is £12.