Sci fi author to help open Department 51

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Emerging Science Fiction author Jo Zebedee will be coming to Lisburn next month to celebrate the opening of a new sci fi and fantasy section, Department 51, at Easons in Bow Street.

Jo will be signing copies of her new book, Abendau’s Heir, which was released by Tickety Boo Press six weeks ago.

This is the first in a trilogy of books by Jo, entitled the ‘Inheritance Trilogy’.

The Inheritance Trilogy is based in a dark space opera world, ruled by a cruel Empress from her city, Abendau. It follows her son, Kare’s, attempt at forging his own future, free from her demands that he inherit her Empire.

A desert city, Abendau houses secrets in the depths of its palace, secrets Kare will be forced to face. When he does, it’s not only his survival that’s at stake, but his sanity, too.

Abendau takes the trope of the chosen one and brings the reader close to that chosen one. What would it cost to be that person? What would it do to them? To their loved ones? Could they be broken? It walks dark paths with Kare, facing the sort of ordeal genre heroes face and revealing the true darkness and horror held within it.

As well as appearing in Lisburn, Jo has also been invited to be a panellist with TitanCon, a science fiction and fantasy literature convention in Belfast in September.

Jo, who lives in Carrickfergus, runs a management consultancy business, as well as writing sci fi and been gaining a significant local following.

She will be in Easons in Lisburn on Saturday June 13 and is looking forward to meeting her local fans.