New single is just fabulous

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Next Friday (June 24) will see the release of a new single as part of an initiative by local woman Debbie Deboo.

Debbie has been running a project called ‘Chronically Fabulous’, which gives makeovers, complete with photoshoot, to suffers of chronic illnesses.

After experiencing the makeover, one participant, Anna Murphy, was inspired by a poem written by Debbie and decided to write a single, which is due to be officially released at the Maple Leaf in Belfast next Friday night.

“‘Chronically Fabulous Tonight’ is a delightful and uplifting song that perfectly captures the spirit of Chronically Fabulous,” explained Debbie.

“The single was recorded professionally with Anna Murphy and Tracy McConnell, who is disabled with Klippel-Feil Syndrome, as lead vocalists, together with a supporting choir.

“Lady Portia de Monte is MC for the night, with seven acts performing, including fire-eaters, poets and musicians. And everyone is giving their time for free.

“With the single, the hope is that this will help with promotion for the venture, a means to continue to outreach into the community and let even more people know about what is on offer.

“It is all about giving something positive to society, and creating a true sense of community and togetherness amongst those who are long-term sick and/or disabled, an opportunity to come together in a spirit of friendship, support and understanding.”