Lisburn author releases new book

Steve Cavanagh
Steve Cavanagh

Lisburn author Steve Cavanagh has just released his second book, which continues the legal adventures of con man turned lawyer Eddie Flynn.

Steve, who works as a civil rights lawyer with John Ross and Sons in Newtownards, first put pen to paper following the death of his mother in 2011 and his debut, ‘The Defence’, was given a rapturous reception when it was published last year.

Whilst movie companies fought over the rights of The Defence, Steve was already hard at work on the second instalment of the series, ‘The Plea’, which sees Eddie Flynn racing against time to save his wife from the fallout of her corrupt company.

“I was already working on this one when I was doing the edit on The Defence,” explained Steve.

“The character of Eddie Flynn was already established so there was something in place but there is pressure because you worry you could maybe only write one book.

“You take a leap of faith with the first book but the second time you know how much work is involved in it so it is just as scary.

“I do a lot of research because there has to be enough detail that it is grounded and feels real.

“In The Plea the FBI ask Eddie to secure media mogul David Child as a client when he is arrested for murder. Child is a client of major New York law firm Harland & Sinton, which has operated a massive global fraud.

“The FBI want Eddie to get Child to testify against the company, where Eddie’s wife works, or she will be blamed for the corruption.

“I like putting Eddie in a lot of trouble.

“If the odds are stacked against him the reader will want to find out how he manages to get out of it.”

The new book was published on May 19 and was officially launched at No Alibis Bookstore in Belfast this week.

“It is the only dedicated crime and mystery bookstore in the whole of the UK and it is a real institution,” continued Steve.

“It was important to me to have the launch at No Alibis and to support an independent bookstore.”

The Plea, which is one sale now, has already garnered praise from some top authors, including Irish writer John Connolly, who said: “Quite simply, The Plea is one of the most purely entertaining books you’ll read this year. It’s a blast.”