Theatre to walk 500 miles

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Fusion Theatre’s 60 members will be walking 500 miles to the Island Centre in September when they bring the music of the Proclaimers, including the iconic ‘I would walk 500 miles’, and ‘Letter from America’ to Lisburn in the musical ‘Sunshine on Leith’.

The show was most recently a film featuring Jane Horrocks and Bill Paterson, and Fusion’s Director and Musical Director Ian Milford has cast Blaithnaid McCaughley and Cameron Mack in those pivotal roles.

The show will also feature Megan McGarry, who played the title role in Fusion’s last production of Aida, as Yvonne; Stuart Anderson as Davy; Michael Drake as Ally, and Jessica Treacy as Liz. Conor Richardson and Lucy Fitzpatrick will pay the young Rab and Jean.

The show is set in Edinburgh so the cast have all been perfecting their Scots accents, although local Hillsborough scout leader Stuart Anderson has a head start, as his father is a Scot.

Fusion’s award-winning Director, Ian Milford, promises that the musical will cover the gamut of emotions, but that, ultimately, it has a “feel-good” feel to it, and that the music and dance scenes will have everyone who comes dancing in the aisles, and humming along, to the songs of the flame-haired bespectacled Scots twins who first came to fame over two decades ago, but whose music continues to fill dance floors at parties . The production is already causing a “buzz” among cast and family, which is spreading around Lisburn.

According to Anne McCleary, Chairperson of Fusion Theatre: “This show is going to make you laugh, cry and sing along, and possibly all at once!

“We are grateful to Lisburn Enterprise Organisation, Lisburn and Castlereagh Arts Advisory Committee, and the Arts Council (Lottery Funding) for their support now or in the past, which has enabled us to give our members and our audience a professional experience, at minimum cost.

“We have a dedicated team of volunteers who make sure that we have a final product to be proud of. We are not a theatre school, but we are enthusiasts. We do this for love of theatre, and the community. Key to our success has been the support of the entire community in Lisburn. I am pleased to say that our membership is truly representative of the community which we represent, and have represented, in events across these Isles, and indeed on national television.”

Ian Milford and the Fusion team are expecting that tickets will sell fast. Tickets are available from the Island Centre, online at www.laganvalleyisland.gov.uk or by contacting the Box Office on 9250 9254.