Fusion get their skates on for their latest show

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Fusion Theatre, celebrating their 15th anniversary this year, have never been a company that shies away from a challenge and their latest production, Starlight Express, proved to be no exception.

The youth company are renowned for their professional performances and this year’s show, which is currently running at Lisburn’s Island Hall, will only add to that reputation,

The young cast burst onto the stage, full of energy, sound and colour, as they brought Andrew Lloyd Webber’s rock n roll musical to life.

Starlight Express tells the fantastical story of a little boy and his over active imagination as he creates a whole world around his favourite train toys.

As if staging a musical, complete with upbeat score and fast paced choreography wasn’t enough, the young cast had the added challenge of doing all of that on skates,

However, their hard work in the rehearsal hall clearly paid off as they all looked confident on four wheels, much to the delight of the audience.

There were several stand out performances from the cast, including Ethnan Haddock as our underdog hero Rusty, Rory Jeffers as the reigning train racing champ Greaseball, and Daniel Marshall as the old timer steam train Poppa.

As the trains battle it out to see who is the fastest, a love story also winds its way through the show, with Rusty competing for the affections of the first class carriage Pearl, played by Abbie Watson.

A special mention must also go to the three hoppers - who tackled some very tricky choreography with great aplomb.

The colourful, creative, up tempo show certainly thrilled the audience, who were quick to rise to their feet for a well deserved standing ovation.

The show runs at the Island Hall in Lisburn until Saturday September 9 and tickets are available from the Box Office on 9250 9254.