Derek Ryan promises fans ‘One Good Night’

Derek Ryan.
Derek Ryan.

Country sensation Derek Ryan is returning to Lisburn for a show later this month and he is promising his local fans ‘One Good Night’.

The Life is a River hitmaker will perform in the Lagan Valley Theatre on Thursday September 17, where he will treat fans to a mixture of the old and the new.

Derek has just released his sixth album, ‘One Good Night’, featuring 15 tracks carefully chosen by Derek himself, which was released on Friday September 4.

Having had a whirlwind year packed full of touring, television and radio appearances as well as a few self penned singles, Derek is excited for fans to hear his latest offering.

The eagerly awaited album is made up with a mix of his own self penned songs including new single ‘Bendigo’, with some country favourites and current hits, with bonus track, ‘Shut Up and Dance’, which is going down a storm at Derek’s shows - it is sure to contain something for everyone.

Speaking to the Star about his upcoming show, Derek said he was looking forward to performing in Lisburn again, as he doesn’t often get to visit the city.

“It’s great, that’s the beauty of concerts,” he commented.

“The regular dances are a great buzz, but the concerts are a nice change, especially when you go to places you don’t get to often. It’s nice to add another string to your bow. You will also see people at concerts who don’t go to dances.”

With his latest album just released, Derek said he is “excited” for people to finally hear it.

“There are six original songs on the album,” he stated. “It’s my most progressive album for songwriting.

“I’m getting excited now for people to hear it.

“You always get a bit nervous but at the same time, you’ve put time into it and you have to let people decide whether they want to buy it, you can’t force people to like it, but hopefully they will.

“I always look at an album like a set list, it needs balance, and it’s all about what suits the album, rather than what songs I’ve written. It’s a mixture of originals and covers.

“When I wrote the song One Good Night, I just wanted the excitement and buzz you get at gigs. It’s probably an opener for the show. It’s got big guitar, it’s a real jamming song and the band can get into it.

“It suits the whole outlook of the shows,” Derek explained.

And will fans in Lisburn be having ‘One Good Night’ when they see Derek live this month?

“Hopefully!” The Carlow man replied.

And with work constantly keeping him busy, what is Derek’s idea of ‘One Good Night’?

“Good food, so a nice dinner, just relaxing in a restaurant by a fire. We’re always around lights and sound, noise and crowds, it’s nice to get away and have some peace and quiet.”

And what are Derek’s plans after he finishes his latest shows?

“Once the album is promoted I’ll take a bit of a break. I’ll be doing a lot of writing, I have writing sessions in the UK booked for mid-October and I have a project coming up that I can’t say a lot about yet, something different for February or March.”

Sending a message to his local fans before the show, Derek said: “I suppose people always tell me after the shows that you don’t have to be a country fan to enjoy the show. So come along, get a bit of dinner before the show, have a bit of a sing-song and it’ll put you in good form.”