Debbie releases debut novel

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A Lisburn author has just published her debut book and she is certain that fans of the best-selling Fifty Shades of Grey will enjoy her racy writing.

Debbie Williams, who lives in the Pond Park area of the city, has always had a passion for writing but it was only after reading the EL James hit ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ that she decided to put pen to paper in earnest.

“It was all down to a friend of mine really,” Debbie explained.

“We had read Fifty Shades of Grey and she challenged me to write as well.

“I started off with a short story of just seven or eight pages and I asked a writer friend in the States to have a look at it.

“She encouraged me to expand the story so that became another challenge.”

Debbie’s book, entitled ‘Our Life’, tells the story of the dark secrets that entwine the lives of the Marshall and Swift families.

“Chloe Marshall comes from a wealthy but controlling family,” explained Debbie. “When she finally finds the strength to embark on life, she finds herself free from the clutches of her controlling father.

“Fate swoops in and brings Kai Swift to her rescue, as she is stranded on the side of the road.

“Little do the two know that life as they know it is about to change.

“Quickly a close bond builds between them, however a dark secret that ties their families together will quickly come to life and threatens to tear them apart. “

Debbie has found writing very therapeutic and has already embarked on a new, and even racier series of books, the first of which she hopes to release before the end of the summer.

“I had to give up work when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia,” she continued.

“I started to get very depressed and I needed something to keep my mind occupied.

“I found writing about the lives of these characters was really good escapism for me.

“I am already well under way with another book, which will be a series of two.

“I have been braver with this book so it is definitely racier than the first one.

“It will definitely be an escape from modern life.”

Debbie’s first book ‘Our Life’ is available on Amazon Kobo and soon on iBooks.

It can also be purchased in paperback format via