Butler calls for local Imperial War museum

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Lisburn Councillor Robbie Butler has called for “an Imperial War Museum linked to the famous London counterpart should be established in Lagan Valley to honour the constituency’s rich military history”.

Mr Butler said he wanted the Imperial War Museum concept to be “a permanent and lasting memorial to the sacrifice and service which so many from all communities had given over the centuries so our generation can enjoy the freedoms of a modern democracy”.

He continued: “While Remembrance Sunday, Armistice Day and Armed Forces Day are very important tributes to those who have served or are serving with our security forces, I want a formal Imperial War Museum established in Lagan Valley which will be an all-year round tribute to our forces, not forgetting the sterling contributions of our emergency services, too.

“I also recognize the many churches and locations throughout the constituency which have memorials to the Fallen and those who have served. This branch of the Imperial War Museum which I am advocating will build on those tremendous individual tributes. Equally, I congratulate those who organised, participated and watched past Armed Forces Day events, thereby making the occasion a stunning success. So often we only remember the services and sacrifice of our Armed Forces during Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day.

“Armed Forces Days are especially poignant because they once again remind us of the sterling work which our forces are doing, not just here in Northern Ireland against the increasing terrorist threat, but on a global sphere where many of our Armed Forces are serving. And equally significantly, it should remind us to keep in our thoughts and prayers the families of those serving in these various military spheres of operations, as well as those who have been wounded in operations, and the families who have lost loved ones serving their country, not just in present conflicts but in the past Troubles.

“Given Lagan Valley’s rich history with the Armed Forces across the centuries, I will be investigating how we could establish the Northern Ireland Imperial War Museum in our constituency.”