Aston is asking the
 locals to ‘Get Stupid’

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Former JLS star Aston Merrygold is asking local people to ‘Get Stupid’ with the release of his debut solo single, but how exactly do we get stupid?

“The terminology isn’t used as much, but my way, it’s let loose, be free, when Friday comes, five o’clock, everyone is watching the clock, the weekend is coming, that’s the perfect example of getting stupid,” the singer explained to the Star recently.

Aston, whose family hail from the local area, shot to fame as part of JLS when the group competed in the X Factor in 2008, where they eventually finished second and went on to sell over six million records in the UK alone.

Following the JLS split just over a year and a half ago, Aston is back doing what he does best, with his debut single just having been released, and he’s delighted to be back it seems.

“It’s amazing,” he commented. “It feels good to be back and release music again. I had a change of scenery, I spent 18 months in the studio, so it’s good to be back.

“The reaction has been amazing, the feedback to the song has been really, really great. It’s nice to 
be warmly received.”

With Aston out on his own, does he find that he has more input into the music 
he produces?

“I always had an input,” he said. “Obviously when you’re in a group you’re all sharing ideas, some you compromise on, some you agree on, some you disagree on, now it’s just my vision. This time the journey is hugely different but the input is the same as ever.”

Aston’s debut album Show Stopper is set for release in October, so what can fans expect?

“There will be a few little surprises on the album. It’s all going to be me, my input, all my influences, there’s 27 years of influences put into this album. I’ve let the creative juices run wild.

“There are influences of MJ and James Brown, who are some of my favourite artists.”

And will there be any collaborations on there?

“I’m working on a few things now, but it’s not about having a collaboration for the sake of having it, it’s if it sounds right. Can it really help the album? I’m gonna try a few things and we’ll see what happens.”

With a radio tour across the UK recently completed, will fans here have the chance to see Aston live?

“Definitely,” he stated. “That (radio tour) has been getting a lot of attention on social media and I’ve informed the right people that I want to get over there and see everyone.

“The fans there are just as loyal, if not more so, as everyone else.

“It’s an exciting place to come to. It’s always a warm welcome over there.”

With his roots firmly planted in the X Factor and a judging spot on Got to Dance under his belt, would Aston ever take on a role on the X Factor judging panel if the opportunity arose?

“That judging panel has just changed and I’m excited to see that dynamic, but if the opportunity ever came up, I’d definitely love to do it,” he said.

Adding a message for his local fans, Aston said: “I’m back, it’s nice to be back. Thank you for your support, even when I wasn’t releasing music, the love hasn’t stopped.

“It’s satisfying for me that everyone is hungry for music, I’m hungry as well. It’s gonna be a good year.”