Alfredo’s celebrates its first birthday in Lisburn Square

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When you think about an Italian restaurant you immediately conjure up images of pizza and lasagne. But at Alfredo’s on the Square, which has just celebrated its first birthday, there is much more to Italian cuisine.

Located in the heart of Lisburn, Alfredo’s is the latest venture by restauranteur Richard Graham, who brings his 30 years of experience to this city centre gem.

Richard, together with Head Chef Will Crawford and his team, has taken the Italian to a new level, fusing traditional dishes with modern flare and placing local producers at the heart of the menu.

To celebrate its first birthday in Lisburn Square, guests were invited to sample an adventurous three course meal, which stepped away from the stereotypical concept of Italian food, to prove that there is much more on offer than pizza and pasta.

That being said, the guests began their culinary journey in traditional form with Cappelletti con Prosciutti, a wonderful classic Carbonara with Parmesan and Parma Ham crumble.

Following on from the Italian classic, the next course on offer was Whiskey Sour Cured Salmon Tartare in Chive Creme Fraiche. Proving their commitment to using local suppliers, the salmon was supplied by Elmore Fish in Belfast.

A palate cleanser helped to prepare everyone for the main course, which again paid homage to local suppliers with the five hour slow cooked roast shank of lamb coming courtesy of Doran Butchers in Lisburn, who sourced the meat in the Mournes. The lamb, which everyone agreed was a wonderful departure as a main course, was served with a basil pesto mash, Tuscan style Marinara with Mediterranean vegetables.

And how else could an Italian meal end but with Gelato? But this wasn’t just any gelato. It was a homemade blueberry gelato created using dairy supplied by Draynes Farm in Lisburn.

A mention must also go to Hughes Craft Distillery in Lisburn who provided Ruby Blue liquors, which were mixed with Calagora Prosecco to great the guests on their arrival.

Happy first birthday to Alfredo’s and may there be many more celebrations to come.