Valley topple the leaders

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Lagan Valley 86 (7) Newry 61 (0)

Lagan Valley hit top form to topple NIBA Division 5 leaders, Newry by 25 shots and took all seven points.

A five gave John Houston a 12-6 lead at the tenth and 18-7 at 15 ends before winning by five shots.

A two, three and five helped Jeff Fawcus to a 15-4 lead at the tenth and there was little change when Valley went on to win by nine shots.

Down 0-12 at the sixth Jim Kinkead lifted five to make it 9-14 at the tenth and three at 15 ends made it 14-15 with Valley winning by two shots.

Ahead 8-3 at the tenth Jim Spence pulled further ahead to eventually win by nine shots.

A. Jennings, G. Carruthers, M. Hanna, J. Houston 21, G. Franks 16; N. Pratt, M. Blair, G. Stubbs, J. Fawcus 23, K. McGarry 14; P. Watters, D. McPherson, W. Benson, J. Kinkead 23, M. Fleming 21; P. Gaffney, A. McIlroy, G. Murdoch, J. Spence 19, F. McCreesh 10.

Trevor leads the way for Finaghy

Finaghy 98 (6.5) Queen’s Island 54.75 (0.5)

Trevor Flack led the way with a 29 shots win when Finaghy beat Queen’s Island by 43.25 shots in NIBA Division 4 and took 6.5 points.

There was a 12.25 shots win for Joe Cairnduff, who played a three-man rink and John Campbell got home by two shots.

Greg Peacock had to settle for a draw, but it was a very satisfactory day for Finaghy.

R. Blevings, E. Rice, J. Moore, T. Flack 37, P. Finnegan 8; H. Wilmont, W. Kingan, E. Ashton, J. Campbell 21, T. Gourley 19; T. Brown, J. Reilly, H. Morrison, G. Peacock 18, W. Woodlawn 18; W. Taylor, J. Lendrum, J. Curry, J. Cairnduff 22, W. Young 9.75.

Malone are outclassed

Downpatrick 135 (7) Malone 39 (0)

Malone were simply outclassed away to a strong Downpatrick team and failed to get a point when losing by 96 shots.

J. Dobbin 24, I. McCloy, B. Browne, J. Finlay, F. Thompson 12; M. Taggart 33, P. Lambe, K. Hanna, R. Mairs, E. Mairs 6; K. McMullen 33, D. Magee, J. Jordan, A. Kerr, D. Nelson 16; D. McCann 45, M. Payne, A. Logan, B. Cheyne, T. Monro 5.