Valley deflated after three shots defeat

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Lagan Valley 57 (1) 1st Ballymacarrett 60 (6)

Lagan Valley were left deflated after competing all the way against 1st Ballymacarrett in NIBA Division 5, but only getting a point from a three shots defeat in a 18 ends game on Wednesday night.

To make matters worse they still need a point to be sure of survival when they visit Dromore B tomorrow (Saturday) in the final match.

At the tenth Jim Spence was 10-7 ahead and 13-11 at 15 ends. It was 14-14 with an end left when Valley lifted a four.

Down 6-11 at the tenth and 10-16 at 15 ends Jim Kinkead won the last three ends but finished a shot down.

After leading 7-1 Jeff Fawcus was 7-9 down at the tenth and 10-14 at 15 ends before losing by three shots.

In a closely fought game it was 6-6 at the tenth and 10-10 at 15 ends, but Jim Parkinson dropped a three at 17 ends to lose by three shots.

P. Watters, P. Gaffney, G. Murdoch, J. Spence 18, G. Smith 14; W. Benson, B. Lemon, J. Houston, J. Kinkead 15, J. Warnock 16; K. Pratt, M. Blair, M. Hanna, J. Fawcus 13, D. Cameron 16; A. Jennings, D. McPherson, W. Hobson, J. Parkinson 11, W. Nixon 14.