Valley caught on sticky wicket

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Newry 102 (7) Lagan Valley 46 (0)

Lagan Valley were caught on a very slow green at Newry and failed to master it when losing by by 56 shots in NIBA Division 5.

Down 5-18 and 8-27 Jim Parkinson lost by 28 shots.

Level 8-8 at the tenth but 9-12 down at 15 ends Jeff Fawcus lost by seven shots.

Jim Spence was 5-10 and 8-18 at 15 ends before losing by 20 shots.

Ahead 8-7 at the tenth hopes of a win were raised as nJim Kinkead took a 13-8 lead at 15 ends. Valley led 14-11 with two ends left but lost by a shot.

P.McDonald 38, A.Jennings, D.McPherson, F.Hutchinson, J.Parkinson 10; F.McCreish 20, N.Pratt, M.Blair, G.Stubbs, J.Fawcus 13; M.McGuigan 29, A.McIlroy, W.Hobson, G.Murdoch, J.Spence 9; M.Fleming 15, W.Benson, B.Lemon, J.Houston, J.Kinkead 14.

Frazer the only winner

Frazer Thompson was the only winner for Malone when they lost by 23 shots at home to Downpatrick in their new surroundings of Private Greens Division 4

F.Thompson 26, K.McMullan 15; T.Monro 15; J.Duffin 22; I.McKay 17, M.Taggart 23; D.Nelson 14, D.McCann 34.

Finaghy took 6.5 points from a 36 shots away to Queen’s Island in NIBA Division 4.