Two halves make a point for Garvey

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Divis 87 (6) Lisnagarvey 54 (1)

Neil Mulholland and Philip Cromie both shared their games to give Lisnagarvey a point when they lost by 33 shots away to Divis in the final NIBA Division 1 match of the season.

After starting with three, two Noel Graham was 7-11 down at the tenth and 11-17 at 15 ends before losing by 11 shots.

Neil Mulholland lifted three and four but was still 11-15 down at the tenth and 14-18 at 15 ends, but Garvey lifted three at 16 ends and finished with a single to get a tie.

Down 6-9 at the tenth and 12-14 at 15 ends Philip Cromie lost by five shots, but the opposition who were a man short, were deducted five shots to give Garvey a draw.

At the tenth Ivan Craig was 5-14 down and 5-25 at 15 nends before losing by 22 shots.

P. Rooney 23, S. Jess, A. O’Rourke, B. Carroll, N. Graham 12; G. McGleave 20, S. Irwin, K. Armstrong, G. McCloughlin, N. Mulholland 20; R. Cregan 15, A. Johnston, G. Riley, J. McCloughlin, P. Cromie 15; B. Power 29, W. Scott, A. McNevison, M. Nelson, I. Craig 7.

Garvey B slip up

Having already slipped to relegation from NIBA Division 3, Lisnagarvey B had a further setback when the Warren Gardens’ ground staff ruled,early on Saturday that the green was too slippery to play the match against Markethill.

The heavy rain earlier on decided the outcome, but what a lovely Saturday afternoon and with hindsight the match could have been played.

Perhaps, another case of health and safety gone mad.