Tough scrap for second place

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Suffolk appear likely to win Section C of the Roy Kennedy Fuels League, but only 1.5 points separate the next three with St Clare’s, Aghagallon and St Colman’s Lambeg fighting it out.

St Colman’s Dunmurry 31 (1.5) St Colman’s Lambeg 35.75 (5.5)

S. Herron, A. Houston, J. McCandless, E. Ashton 5, E. Rogers, P. McCallion, J. Walsh, F. Agnew 7; R. Campbell, J. Law, B. McCallum, M. Campbell 8, J. Donnelly, J. McCallion, M. Quigley, James Burns 12; D. McComb, J. McCallum, B. McCandless, E. O’Donnell 10, R. O’Carroll, E. Walsh, John Burns, P. Robinson 10; E. McMullan, P. Hughes, H. Wilmont, J. H. Campbell 8, R. Sale, B. Bunting, L. Long 6.75.

St Colman’s Lambeg 28 (1) Aghagallon 30 (6)

P. Bradley, P. McCallion, N. Murphy, F. Agnew 8, K. Russell, B. Clenaghan, J. Connolly, M. Corey 9; J. Donnelly, J. Burns, N. Kerr, James Burns 5, C. McCrory, B. Walsh, J. McVeigh, A. Thompson 7; R. Sale, M. Quigley, P. Robinson, L. Long 10, D. Clenaghan, P. Mitchell, G. Mellan, G. Little 5; R. O’Carroll, J. McCallion, P. Rea, G. McWilliams 5, P. McGarry, P. Scullion, B. Brown, E. Hamill 9.

Aghagallon 42 (6) Lisburn Masonic 22.25 (1)

C. McCrory, B. Walsh, G. Mellan, A. Thompson 11, J. Elliott, J. Carruthers, M. Hanna, W. Benson 3; K. Russell, B. Clenaghan, U. Corey, M. Corey 8, T. McCallum, J. Houston, J. Fawcus 8.25; D. Clenaghan, P. Scullion, J. Connolly, G. Little 12, J. Bain, I. McCammon, M. Blair, B. Lemon 6; A. Clenaghan, P. Mitchell, B. Brown, E. Hamill 11, J. Smyth, A. Jennings, R. Spence, J. Kinkead 5.