Tom adds the silver lining for Ireland

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Lisburn Zone convenor, Tom Haire was manager of the Ireland team which gained a 25th success at the Short Mat Bowls Championships in Aberdeen last weekend.

The 25th win for Ireland makes it a record and they also added the British pairs, triples and fours for good measure.

Unfortunately Ireland lost out in the A team series for the first time since 1997, but it could not have been closer as they lost on a “count back”. They did win the singles, triples and fours though.

Afterwards, Tom Haire said: “It was another excellent performance and we were really dominant over the two days. It’s just a pity we failed to land the double.”

Section A

St Paul’s hit form at last

St Paul’s have not been performing well this season, but they hit form at last to beat Soldierstown by 11 shots and only dropped half-a-point in Section A of the Roy Kennedy Fuels Indoor Bowling League.

St Paul’s 38 (6.5) Soldierstown 27 (0.5)

F. Walsh, T. McCallum, K. Burns, J. Chapman 11, A. Bell, J. Johnston, N. Charles, J. Johnston 7; A. Allen, W. Garrett, M. Holmes, J. Harvey 11, J. Lavery, B. Wilson, H. Dillon, J. Mackey 6; J. Maze, B. Maguire, J. Cunningham, B. Kerr 9, G. Murray, J. Dunlop, D. McLorn, M. McDonald 7; B. Allen, R. Topping, W. Braithwaite, P. Hughes 7, J. McLorn, C. McCord, R. Martin, D. Johnston 7.

St Mark’s 27 (0) H’borough Social 48.5 (7)

C. Walker, S. Dugan, K. McCullough, K. Ellison 6, J. Edens, T. Heasley, K. Trainor, N. D. Haire 12; I. Moore, J. Ellison, N. Martin, R. McCaw 4, F. Bolton, R. Bolton, N. Shaw, R. Sloan 18; L. McDowell, L. Scott, A. Walker, J. Gray 10, G. Riley, G. Ervine, D. Verner, M. Beattie 11; C. Barclay, S. McDowell, S. Barclay, D. Moore 7, B. Mosely, T. Haire, N. Haire 7.5.

Annahilt Parish 29 (1) Eglantine 36 (6)

B. Payne, N. Mawhinney, P. Halliday, T. Hill 9, D. Kerr, D. Dowling, D. Ford, C. Morrison 10; E. Mawhinney, J. Crawford, A. Lyone, R. Maitland 6, A. Liggett, S. HeasleyM. McLernon, J. McCandless 11; M. McMullan, I. Harrison, L. Wilson, W. Hunter 7, A. Farr, R. Neely, J. Liggett, G. McLernon 5; B. Harrison, O. Callaghan, C. McMullan, D. Kane 7, J. Nelson, S. Bates, V. Bryans, Mel McQuillan 10.

Section B

Highs and lows in Section B

Seymour Hill had a good win over Broomhedge in Section B of the Roy Kennedy Fuels Indoor Bowling League but had lost to Lambeg Parish a week earlier, who in turn lost to Derriaghy to highlight the ups and downs in this section.

Seymour Hill 24 (2) Lambeg Parish 32 (5)

E. Eakin, S. McCaughan, T. Neill, R. Scales 6, M. Smyth, L. McDougall, J. Boyd, R. Campbell 9; L. Scales, J. Doran, S. Cairnduff, K. McCalmont 6, H. McEwen, E. Finlay, C. Kirkwood 4; S. Scales, C. Connery, C. Murdock, J. Cairnduff 3, M. Kirkwood, M. Walker, J. Kerr, S. Belshaw 11; A. Dickson, B. Doran, M. Agnew, P. Cairnduff 9, A. Jennings, M. Finn, M. Kerr, B. Bloomfield 8.

Seymour Hill 36 (6) Broomhedge 26 (1)

L. Scales, J. Doran, S. Cairnduff, K. McCalmont 7, V. Thomoson, G. Martin, T. Dougherty, D. Reddick 10; S. Scales, E. Eakin, T. Neill, R. Scales 9, J. Waddell, T. Parkinson, J. Thompson, B. Hobson 7; A. Dickson, B. Doran, M. Agnew, P. Cairnduff 10, R. Tougher, R. Best, L. Garrett, J. Gray 4; C. Murdock, J. Walker, G. Scales, J. Cairnduff 10, S. Wilson, S. Briggs, H. Wilson, B. Briggs 5.

Derriaghy 44 (6) Lambeg Parish 26 (1)

C. Agnew, T. Rolston, C. Ross, G. Fell 8, M. Finn, H. McEwan, E. Finlay, C. Kirkwood 6; A. Marks, R. Hamilton, J. Belshaw, T. Gill 15, M. Smyth, L. Gilbert, E. Rice, J. Boyd 5; R. Partridge, K. Johnston, D. Carser, R. Walker 10, L. McDougall, B. Bloomfield, M. Kerr, M. Kirkwood 11; A. Carser, N. Agnew, R. Carser, M. Fell 11, M. Walker, A. Jennings, J. Kerr, S. Belshaw 4.

Section C

Dunmurry hit winning form

St Colman’s Dunmurry were in winning form when they beat St Columba’s by nine shots and too five away points in Section C of the Roy Kennedy Fuels League.

St Columba’s 24 (2) St Colman’s Dunmurry 33 (5)

K. Whittington, D. Easton, J. Moore, C. Martin 12, M. McKinley, E. McMullen, H. Wilmont, J. Campbell 5; J. Ferguson, D. Lindsey, D. Smith, I. Scott 4, P. Hughes, D. McComb, J. Law, M. Campbell 8; J. Henry, C. Bailey, K. McCully, B. Campbell 2, D. McKinley, A. Houston, E. O’Donnell, B. Turner 15; G. Heatherington, A. O’Hara, T. Smith, D. Henry 6, G. Megrath, R. Campbell, B. McCallum, E. Ashton 5.

Lisburn teams for home games

The Lisburn team for the men’ home match with Northern in the second round of the IIBA Inter Zone Men’s Championship at Soldierstown Parish tomorrow (Saturday).

Rink 1: Philip Dennison, Ross Mackin, Sid Heasley, Roy Kennedy.

Rink 2: Michael Reid, Glen Scales, John Mackey, Chris Connolly.

Rink 3: Frank Cunningham, Stephen Irwin, Connor Wilkinson, Con Mulholland.

Rink 4: Jim Harvey, Michael Fell, David Verner, Michael Beattie.

Rink 5: Andy Riley, David Lee, Gabriel Brankin, Nick Haire.

Rink 6: Colwyn Elwood, David Carser, Robert Sloan, Nathan Haire.

Reserves (alphabetical order): Paul Carnduff, John Connolly, Johnston Dunlop, Derrick Johnston, Jim Johnston, Brian Kerr, Nathan Kerr, Stephen Mulholland.

Next week’s fixtures

Fixtures in the Roy Kennedy Fuels Lisburn Indoor Bowling League for week commencing Monday, November 30.

SECTION A: Wednesday, Annahilt Parish v Hillsborough Social, Eglantine v St Paul’s, Ballinderry v Priesthill; Thursday, St Mark’s v Killaney. Soldierstown a bye.

SECTION B: Monday, Broomhedge v Pond Park; Wednesday, Seymour Hill v Derriaghy; Thursday, Rock v Sloan Street, Hilden v St Joseph’s. Bye Lambeg Parish.

SECTION C: Thursday, Aghagallon v Suffolk,St Colman’s Lambeg v St Columba’s, Derryvolgie v Lisburn Masonic. Byes, St Clare’s, St Colman’s Dunmurry.