Sun shines on Hagans Croft’s popular ‘Autumn Dressage for All’ event

Taking part in the dressage event at Hagans Croft Equestrian.
Taking part in the dressage event at Hagans Croft Equestrian.

Hagans Croft Equestrian’s ‘Autumn Dressage for All’ one day competition was held on Saturday, September 26.

The sun shone down on all competitors and for some dressage riders this competition was their first, therefore Hagans Croft would like to congratulate these riders and their 4-legged companions for riding such impressive dressage tests and encourage them to keep up the good work.

Thanks are extended to the judge Jacky Reid and scribe Carol Henry for their efforts, Stewards Sadie Henry, Lindsey Kirk and Sarah Tate.

Thanks also goes to JHD for their photography skills and to Winnies for their event catering.

Hagans Croft Equestrian would like to thank all the competitors and spectators for supporting this event and looks forward to welcoming everyone back soon.

Please see their website or facebook to keep up to date with what’s on-

Please note that the arena may be hired - for further information, contact Gillian on 07849106453.


Saturday, September 26

Class 1 - Intro B 2009:

1) Aimee Duggan, Chiddock Unlimited 77.83%; 2) Eloise Rosenfeld, Moppity 75% 3) Amy Harvey, Crossowen Timmy 71.74%; 4) Sarah Hanna, Tory Cove 70.22%; 5) Anna Fredo, Archie 67.39%; 6) Anna McErlean, Lilly 66.96%

Class 2 - Prelim 4, 2002

1) Nicola Brown, Ceide Rose 73.18%; 2) Laura Wilson, New Adventure 70.90%; 3) Jennifer McCann, Oakhill Charm 70%; 4) Megan Dumigan, Mikey 67.73%; =5) Janinne Thompson, Lily 67.27%; =5) Amy Harvey, Crossowen Timmy 67.27%.

Class 3 - Novice 27 2007:

=1) Lisa Erskine, Hanabanana 69.46%; =1) Jennifer McCann, Oakhill Charm 69.46%; 3) Laura Wilson, Loughdoo Maverick 68.39%; 4) Laura Wilson, New Adventure 66.25%; 5) Lindsey Kirk, Locomotion Lady 60.71%.