Successful first competition is held at Hagans Croft equestrian centre

Linda Telford on Home Grown Ajax.
Linda Telford on Home Grown Ajax.

The first competition was held in the fantastic facilities at Hagans Croft Equestrian, at Bailiesmills, near Lisburn on Saturday, July 25.

Dressage riders from all over travelled to take part, with tests arranged to suit all levels of horse and rider.

In the Intro class, Andrew Gordon and Missy rode a very impressive test to claim the red ribbon, but were closely followed by Linda Telford on Home Grown Ajax.

The Prelim class was the largest class of the day with 24 of competitors. After a very competitive class, Rachel Rendel and Blue Stone Ice came put on top on 73.96%, but Sharon McGimpsey and Knockaraha weren’t far behind on 73.75%.

In the Novice class, judge Ivor Harper had some tough decisions to make, as they watched some very accurate tests being ridden. The eventual winner was Sharon McGimpsey on Knockaraha with 74.04%..

Thanks are extended to the judge Ivor Harper and scribe Carol Henry for their efforts, Stewards Sadie Henry, Lindsey Kirk, Sarah Tate and Neil Gordon.

Thanks also goes to Susan McKeown of Rowan Equestrian & Country Store for sponsoring 1st Prizes and to JHd for their photography. Hagans Croft Equestrian would like to thank all the competitors and spectators for supporting this new venue.

Wednesday, July 29 saw the first of six Show Jumping Training nights being held at Hagans Croft Equestrian.

The course comprised of coloured poles, fillers, ladders and planks, all of which made a technical course of exciting, yet challenging jumps. Perfect for those bringing out their young horses or simply wanting to perfect their show jumping skills.

Thanks are extended to all the stewards who made the night run so smoothly, and to the competitors and spectators for supporting this new venue.

Hagans Croft looks forward to welcoming everyone back next week, August 5, for the second of six- SJ Training nights.

Please see website or facebook for more details-

Please note that the arena may be hired - for further information, contact Gillian on 07849106453.


Saturday, July 25

Class 1 - Intro A 2008:

1) Andrew Gordon, Missy 76.01%; 2) Linda Telford, Home Grown Ajax 68.48% 3) Emily Hanna, Kizzy 68.04%; 4) Kathryn Wilson, Arizona 67.83%; 5) Rachel Leonard, Zara 65%; 6) Lachlan Henry, Rusty 64.57%

Class 2 - Prelim 14, 2006

1) Rachel Rendel, Blue Stone Ice 73.96%; 2) Sharon McGimpsey, Knockaraha Gypsy 73.75%; 3) Ruth Logan, Home Alone City 70%; 4) Jackie Jennings, Leeroy 68.33%; 5) Liby Beggs, Penn Island Rebel 68.13%; 6) Cherith Wilson, Ollie 65.83%.

Class 3 - Novice 24 2010:

1) Sharon McGimpsey, Knockaraha Gypsy 74.04%; 2) Ruth Logan, Home Alone City 71.92%; 3) Andrew Greer, Galdanagh 71.54%; 4) Clare Steele, Junior 68.85%; 5) Laura Wilson, New Adventure 67.30%; 6) Laura Wilson, Next Adventure 65.77%.


Wednesday, July 29

60cm - Double Clears:

Chloe Martin, Toffee; Caroline Chambers, Sky; Chloe Martin, Toffee

80cm - Double Clears:

Laura McSparron, Creative Lady; Sophie Lister-Tinsley, Dalesman; Laura Webster, Cody.

90cm - Double Clears

Jo McGrath, Kip; Chloe Lister-Tinsley, Rocky; Zoe Woods, Lily; Vikki Fox, Lislaird Joni.

1m - Double Clears

Nikki Cullen, Danske Coevers Lass; Vikki Fox, Lislaird Joni.

1.10m - Double Clears

Nikki Cullen, Danske Coevers Lass.