St Colman’s get vital win

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Section B

St Colman’s Lambeg 34 (5) St Joseph’s 31 (2)

St Colman’s Lambeg got a vital win at home against St Joseph’s which could mean they stay in Section B of the Roy Kennedy Fuels League for another season.

They won by three shots and took five points.

After starting with a three Frank Agnew was 5-2 up at the third, but Damien Magennis won the next five ends and included a three to lead by five shots with an end left at which St Colman’s added a single.

At the third James Burns was 6-2 ahead and at the seventh he was 10-3 up, but Hugh Lundy finished with one, two.

A single at the first and a last end double were Con Mulholland’s only scores and Gary McWilliams included at three to win by four shots.

A four nand two threes gave Stevie Mulholland a 10-3 lead at the fifth and after Lawrence Long had lifted a three St Joseph’s added another four to go 12-8 But Joaeph’s had only three players and were quartered to cuttheir winning margin to a shot

E. Rodgers, P. Bradley, S. Templeton, F. Agnew 6, S. Magennis, M. Furey, M. McGuile, D. Magennis 10; J. Donnelly, J. McCallion, John Burns, James Burns 10, A. Catney, S. Duffy, R. O’Rourke, H. Lundy 6; R. O’Carroll, T. McCallion, T. Rea, G. McWilliams 10, J. Wilkinson, T. McGurnaghan, D. Magennis, C. Mulholland 6; R. Sale, M. Quigley, P. Robinson, L. Long 8, G. Laverty, T. Mallon, S. Mulholland 9.

Aghagallon 24 (0.5) Pond Park 35 (6.5)

K. Russell, B. Clenaghan, U. Corey, M. Corey 8, D. Belshaw, A. Brown, I. Harbinson, D. Taylor 12; D. Clenaghan, B. Walsh, J. Connolly, C. Connolly 5, S. Russell, N. Park, J. Tinsley, H. McCourt 10; A. Clenaghan, G. Mellan, B. Brown, E. Hamill 6, K. May, M. Wilson, V. McCourt, J. Green 6; M. Fitzpatrick, A. Tallon, G. Little, G. Tallon 5, M. McCandless, J. Campbell, B. Park, M. Stevenson 7.

Pond Park 36 (5) Annahilt Parish 34 (2)

M. McCandless, J. Campbell, B. Park, M. Stevenson 9, M. McMullan, B. Payne, A. Lyons, R. Maitland 11; G. Jeffers, A. Brown, D. Belshaw, D. Taylor 3, N. Elwood, N. McCambley, L. Wilson, D. Kane 13; K. May, J. Taylor, V. McCourt, J. Green 14, I. Harrison, N. Mawhinney, G. McMullan, W. Hunter 2; S. Russell, N. Park, J. Tinsley, H. McCourt 10, E. Mawhinney, O. Callaghan, P. Halliday, T. Hill 8.

Annahilt Parish 33 (6) Sloan Street 21 (1)

J. Cairns, N. Elwood, D. Kane, W. Cairns 8, J. McIntyre, D. Kirkwood, W. Irwin, A. McNevison 4; M. McMullan, P. Halliday, A. Lyons, R. Maitland 14, L. Kirkwood, A. Hanna, C. Aicken, S. Irwin 5; N. Mawhinney, O. Callaghan, C. McMullan, T. Hill 8, A. Smyth, H. Megrath, T. Beck, T. Irwin 5; I. Harrison, E. Mawhinney, R. Jess, W. Hunter 3, D. Miskimmon, J. Shannon, C. Beck, A. Loughlin 7.