Spoils shared in darts league

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Highway 5 Dunmurry 5

Highway and Dunmurry shared the spoils in the Lisnagarvey Darts League this week, as the sides drew five-all.

Highway winners were D Moorehead 140, C Willis 100,81 o/s 21 darts, A Coburn 120, E Mullan 100, J Bishorek 180,100,21 darts.

Dunmurry winners were S Toole 121,100 21 darts, B Jackson 140, G Lyttle 140, M Guy 2x100, J Millen Snr.

Whites 6

Derriaghy CC 4

Whites captured a 6-4 win over Derriaghy CC this week. Whites winners H Moulds, A Anderson, K Moulds (100), D Meehan (100,123,140), W Moulds, I Crothers (2x100).

D CC winners R Clements, J Lyttle, J Millen, W Cherry.

Anvil 8 Ballylesson 2

Anvil secured the spoils with a superb 8-2 win over Ballylesson. Winners for Anvil were A Williamson, R Moffett, M Thompson, J Murray 100,105, J Ling 100, C Nelson, P Nelson, D Jess.

Winners for Ballylesson were G Thompson, A Conn.

1st Blues 8 Ballymac 2

The 1st Blues took a fantastic victory with an 8-2 win over Ballymac.

Winners for 1st Blues were G.Beggs (100), B.Mawhinney, A.Irwin (123), S.Childs, A.Garrott, J.Coey (2x100), T.Parsons (100, 140), B.Johnston.

Winners for Ballymac were W.Donaghy (100, 24 darts), W.Morrison.

Downside 4

Hillsborough A 6

Hillsborough took a 6-4 win over Downside. Downside winners were B McMichael (100 140), B McMichael jnr (2x100 136), TG Mackin (100), C Watson.

Hillsborough winners T Boyd (2x100 125 20 darts), K Cain, C McClements (2x100), P McAuley (132), J Murray, B McWilliams.

Benmore 6 Bleachers 4

Benmore got the better of Bleachers with a 6-4 win. Benmore winners were R Williamson 140 121 21 darts, G Walker 125, R Hamilton 140 100 21 darts, A Carlisle 140 125 19 darts, A Adams 140 125 17 darts, R McClean 2x100 140 20 darts.

Bleachers winners S Rice 125, D White 100, A Heasley 100, I McAllister 100.

Sandymount 4

Beattie B 6

Beattie B took a 6-4 win over Sandymount this week. Sandymount winners were R Heasley (100), C Culbert (100,118), J Niell (180), J McCambley (24 darts).

Beattie B winners were S White (100), K Magill (105), I Briggs, J McHale, N Walker, J Dickson (93 o/s).

• Fixtures for week 4 are as follows: Ballymac v Sandymount; Bleachers v Ballylesson; Derriaghy v Benmore; Whites v Downside; 1st Blues v Anvil; Beattie v Highwaymen; Dunmurry v Hillsborough A.