Sizzling hot dressage at Hagans Croft

Saturday July 24 marked the halfway point of Hagans Croft’s six-week dressage league and with temperatures still in the high 20s competitors were shining down the centre line.

Wednesday, 28th July 2021, 12:40 pm
Amelia Wheeler, Creevelea Midnight Gambler

The intro class was first on the schedule and with a total of 20 competitors, Fran Warden had some hard decisions to make.

However, there was one competitor who stood out head and hooves above the rest and that was Amelia Wheeler and her mount ‘Creevelea Midnight Gambler’ who performed a dazzling foot perfect test to finish with a jaw dropping 80.59%. This must be one of the highest scores in Hagans Crofts dressage history so congratulations to this fantastic pairing.

Hanging up her showjumping boots for the day Emma Brown and ‘Elly Bouncer’ tried their hand at dressage and the pair realised their new calling. The pair came home with a brilliant score of 71.18% and a second place blue ribbon.

Victoria Laverty, Indi

Onto the newcomers class where the top three scores were all within the low 70’s, however Charlie Watson and ‘Master Casper Boy’ were not relinquishing their red rosettes from the last two weeks and with a score of 73.62% they secured the red rosette for the third week in a row.

Hot on Charlie’s heels was Victoria Laverty and ‘Indi’ who finished in second place with 72.24%.

Class 3 prelim saw a dressage Ireland test being ridden and again another popular class with a total of 12 competitors.

Sarah McClay and ‘Ballinglen Romeo’ were the only pair to score above 70%, 71.07% to be exact, and bringing home the red rosette, Rachel Freil and ‘Alghan Nipper’ slipped into second place with 67.86% and also gaining them 12 points towards their league scores.

Emma Brown, Elly Bouncer

Katie Watson and ‘Lissyegan Bay News’ were back on top form in the Novice class coming home with the red ribbon for their solid test which was ridden in front of judge Mark Robinson and so to, Kate Russell and ‘Bingo’ were delighted with their second place rosette for their score of 67.26%. After the past three weeks league scores being added together Katie is currently sitting in first place in the league and Kate in third place. It is still all to play for with three more weeks left and each competitors best four scores going towards their overall total.

The final class of the day was the elementary class and with only one competitor Laura Fekkes and ‘Finn’ had the red rosette in the bag! This is the pair’s first time competing within the elementary league and they are certainly putting on a sterling performance, saluting to a score of 58.4%, everyone looks forward to see ing their progression over the next three weeks of the league.

Dressage Results

Saturday July 24

Rachel Freil, Alghan Nipper

Class 1:

INTRO: Dressage Ireland, Introductory Test B, 2016

1) Amelia Wheeler, Creevelea Midnight Gambler 80.59%; 2) Emma Brown, Elly Bouncer 71.18%; 3) Jackie Flynn, Meikle Dumbledore 70.59%; 4) Elizabeth Swift, Eeabrook Isra 70%; 5) Jill Bruce, Bonnie 69.41%; 6) Andrew Ross, Jaxs 69.12%.

Class 2:

Laura Fekkes, Finn

NEWCOMERS PRELIM: British Dressage, Prelim 2, 2016

1) Charlie Watson, Master Casper Boy 73.62%; 2) Victoria Laverty, Indi 72.24%; 3) Amelia Wheeler, Creevelea Midnight Gambler 70.34%; 4) Valerie McCracken, Big Promise 63.79%; 5) Catherine McConnell, Clarke 55%.

Class 3:

PRELIM: Dressage Ireland, Preliminary Test P15, 2012

1) Sarah McClay, Ballinglen Romeo 71.07%; 2) Rachel Freil, Alghan Nipper 67.86%; 3) Hollie Fitzpatrick, Admirals Voyage 67.14%; 4) Nuala McNally, Ollie 65.36%; 5) Anne Killen, Alf 65.36%; 6) Emma Brown, Elly Bouncer 64.82%.

Class 4: NOVICE:

Dressage Ireland, Novice Test N23, 2012

1) Katie Watson, Lissyegan Bay News 71.94%; 2) Kate Russell, Bingo 67.26%; 3) Ruth Logan, O to be Posh 66.94%; 4) Olivia Courtney, Moo 66.61%; 5) Laura Evans, Rucky 64.52%; 6) Rachel Freil, Alghan Nipper 64.03%.

Class 5:

ELEMENTARY: British Eventing, Intermediate Dressage Test 115, 2011

1) Laura Fekkes, Finn 58.4%.