Sammy gets the Dromore B win

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First Ballymacarrett 76 (6) Dromore B 69 (1)

Sammy Malcolmson was Dromore B’s only winner but his 24 shots victory put his team to within seven shots of 1st Ballymacarrett’s winning total in NIBA Division 5.

He was just 11-8 ahead at the tenth but pulled away to 24-9 by 15 ends and went on to a 24 shots win.

After a tight start Kenny Aiken was 12-14 down at 15 ends and in the end lost by six shots.

Down 3-11 at the tenth and 7-16 at 15 ends Ian Houston dropped ten shots over the closing three ends.

Ahead 10-0 and 11-6 at the tenth Alan Sudlow was 13-15 down at 15 ends before losing by seven shots.

J. Warnock 20, R. Elliott, M. McDowell, H. Maxwell, K. Aiken 14; D. Cameron 26, T. Ogle, C. Davis, A. Clinghan, I. Houston 8; G. Smith 9, J. Black, R. McCandless, C. Davis, S. Malcolmson 33; N. Scott 21, J. Cunningham, D. Brown, J. Dickson, A. Sudlow 14.