Red rosette for Zara and ‘Rhino’

Saturday, July 27 saw the final of Hagan’s Croft’s Summer dressage for all league.

Friday, 2nd August 2019, 10:05 am
Prelim league winners

Horses and riders were turned out immaculately and some accurate tests were ridden in front of judge Mark Robinson.

The final was open to all competitors, although only those who had qualified where entitles to be placed within the league, therefore two separate prize giving’s took place.

The Intro class has had fantastic entries throughout the league therefore the top six placings were all up for grabs on the day and within the league.

Intro league winners

On the day Zara Burney certainly made her mark on this class with her new mount ‘Murdock Equine Ireland’s Rhino’.

‘Rhino’ as he is more commonly known would normally be out earning his keep as a games or polo pony, however he certainly enjoyed turning his hooves to dressage as the pair finished on a fantastic score of 72.61% and coming home with a red rosette.

Robyn McMurray and ‘Royanna’ had a near to faultless test and nonetheless finished on a score of 69.78% coming home with second place on the day and forth within the Intro league.

This cute combination won everyone hearts as they were awarded the best ‘Selfie with Duke from The Dark Horse Bar & Coffee House, Belfast’ competition. All selfie’s entered can be seen on Hagans Crofts facebook page. It was a successful day at the office for Rosie Collins and ‘Ciccio Di Concarneau’ as the pair saluted to a score of 6978% and third place on the day.

Newcomer class winners

This was Rosie’s first time competing at one Hagans Crofts Dressage leagues and they certainly made it one to remember as they were delighted to be awarded first place in the overall Intro league. The pair came home with a bag of sweet treats including tea & coffee vouchers for the Dark Horse Bar and Coffee House, Belfast and a private guided tour of the muraled courtyard and Sea Holly Art Gallery within the Cathedral Quarter.

The league scores changed dramatically on the day as the best three scores out of the five weeks were counted towards the overall total, Miriam Burney and Harriett Hogan held a strong lead throughout the five weeks but when their final score were totted up Miriam and ‘Chelsea’ were awarded second place within the league and Harriett and ‘Tilly’ were awarded third place.

Once again the Newcomers class had an increase in numbers throughout the five week league.

This was very encouraging to see as this class was primarily added for those wishing to move up a level from a walk trot intro test to a prelim test which introduces canter transitions. There wasn’t much movement between on the day placings and the newcomers league placings however no one could move Caroline Hunter and ‘Colour Me Clover’ from the top spot.

Michael Boyd, Getadate

With a score on the day of 66.55%, this colourful pair was awarded the red ribbon for Saturdays competition and the newcomers league! Robyn McMurray and Harriett Hogan battled it out for second and third placing for Saturdays competition as their placings on the day decided who got second and third place within the league. On the day it was second for Robyn and ‘Royanna’ with 65.34% and third for Harriett and ‘Tilly’ with 63.97%. However this was then reversed for the newcomers league with Harriett and ‘Tilly’ finishing in second place and Robyn and ‘Royanna’ in third place.

The Prelim class seen a few new faces to take on the challenge. Michael Boyd and ‘Getadate’ performed a faultless Dressage Ireland P5 test, finishing on the highest score of the day - 80.69% and first place.

Rachel Freil and ‘Alghan Nipper’ also gave a sterling performance, saluting to a score of 78.45%. This is one of Rachels highest scores at Hagans’ Croft and the blue ribbon was certainly well deserved. This score set Rachel up well for the Prelim league as this pair went on to be awarded the overall prelim league winners! Delighted for their achievement over the past five weeks!

This time it was second place for Caroline Hunter and ‘Colour Me Clover’ within the prelim league. It has been a pleasure watching this pair develop over the past year or more and Hagans Croft looks forward to being part of their future successes!

Rachel Freil, Alghan Nipper

Once again Michael Boyd and ‘Getadate’ made light work of the British Dressage Novice test, they were awarded first place on the day for their score of 71.15% however hot on their heels was Sarah Irvine and ‘Harry’ who had the novice league placing in their sights.

On the day they had a score of 69.42% which seen them in second place but this score secured them first place within the league.

Danielle Hammond and ‘Tanino’ were flying the flag for the elementary class on the day and had first place in the bag for the elementary league. With a complex test to perform this pairing were pleased with their efforts and their score of 68.67%, Danielle was also delighted with her bag of sweet treats including tea and coffee vouchers for the Dark Horse Bar and Coffee House, Belfast and a private guided tour of the muraled courtyard and Sea Holly Art Gallery within the Cathedral Quarter.

Hagan’s Croft would like to extend huge thank you to all our competitors who supported this event throughout the five weeks. Thanks also goes to our judges and scribes, Lucina Webb, Stephen Murphy, Shenade Dugan and Mark Robinson and Coreen Abernethy.

To all our stewards who keep our league running so smoothly every week! A massive thank you to our league sponsors The Dark Horse Bar and Coffee House Belfast. Thank you to Black Horse photography for covering the event throughout the five weeks - all photographs can be purchased from Black Horse photography’s website.

Hagan’s Croft is now preparing to start their five week Show Jumping league starting on Saturday, August 17.

Caroline Hunter, Colour Me Clover

Please visit the website or facebook page for more details - or contact Gillian on 07849106453.

Dressage Results

Class 1 - Intro - British Dressage Introductory A, 2008

1) Zara Burney, Murdock Equine Ireland’s Rhino 72.61%; 2) Robyn McMurray, Royanna 69.78%; 3) Rosie Collins, Ciccio Di Concarneau 69.78%; 4) Louise Clingen, Ruby 69.57%; 5) Miriam Burney, Chelsea 69.35%; 6) Sarah McClay, Lisavon Tigger 68.48%.

Class 2 - Newcomers - British Dressage Preliminary 2, 2016

1) Caroline Hunter, Colour Me Clover 66.55%; 2) Robyn McMurray, Royanna 65.34%; 3) Harriett Hogan, Tilly 63.97%; 4) Victoria Ayling, Shananhan Pearl 63.79%; 5) Emily Walker, Lady Saphira 61.21%.

Class 3 - Prelim - Dressage Ireland Preliminary Test P5, 2012

1) Michael Boyd, Getadate 80.69%; 2) Rachel Freil, Alghan Nipper 78.45%; 3) Ruth Curran, Mister Darcy 72.24%; 4) Caroline Hunter, Colour Me Clover 71.9%; 5) Gemma Rodgers, Oscar 71.55%; 6) Hannah Rafferty, Cor Ramler 70%.

Class 4 - Novice - British Dressage, Novice 30, 2006

1) Michael Boyd, Getadate 71.15%; 2) Sarah Irvine, Harry 69.42%; 3) Hazel Hilland, Lisbane Butterfly 67.88%; 4) Debbie Burns, Bella 65%; 5) Lynsey Sneddon, Carsonstown Porsch 64.04%; 6) Kerri Rafferty, Learswill Lily 57.5%.

Class 5 - Elementary - British Dressage Elementary 49, 2009

1) Danielle Hammond, Tanino 68.67%

Dressage League Results 2019

Class 1 - Intro

1) Rosie Collins, Ciccio di Concarneau; 2) Miriam Burney, Chelsea; 3) Harriett Hogan, Tilly; 4) Robyn McMurray, Royanna; 5) Sarah McClay, Lisavon Tigger; 6) Rachel Leonard, Zara.

Class 2 - Newcomers

1) Caroline Hunter, Colour Me Clover; 2) Harriett Hogan, Tilly; 3) Robyn McMurray, Royanna.

Class 3 - Prelim

1) Rachel Freil, Alghan Nipper; 2) Caroline Hunter, Colour Me Clover.

Class 4 - Novice

1) Sarah Irvine, Harry.

Class 5 - Elementary

1) Danielle Hammond, Tanino.

Rosie Collins, Ciccio di Concarneau
Zara Burney, Murdock Equine Ireland's Rhino