Raymond only winner for Hilden

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Hilden 70 (1) Salisbury 73 (6)

Raymond Gourley was the only Hilden winner when they lost b three shots at home to Salisbury in Private Greens Division 2.

Gourley was 11-8 ahead at the tenth but moved to 19-9 ay 15 ends and went on to win by 15 shots.

Down 6-8 at the tenth but level 11-11 at 15 ends Jonathan McMullan lost by four shots.

Howard McMullan was 11-13 down at the tenth but 19-15 ahead five ends later only to lose by two shots.

Down 3-13 at the tenth and 9-17 at 15 ends Colin Montgomery lost by 12 shots.

V. Bryans, M. Livingston, J. Liggett, J. McMullan 12, G. Easton jnr 16; J. Williams, P. Harvey, T. Gray, R. Gourley 25, G. Robinson 10; A. Carlisle, E. Marsden, J. Jordan, H. McMullan 20, G. Easton snr 22; M. McQuillan, B. Turner, D. Ferguson, C. Montgomery 13, J. Warnock 25.

Hilden took six points on Tuesday night in Private Greens Division 2 at home to Forth River.

Drew earns a point

Ewarts B 90 (6) Hilden B 56 (1)

Drew Harron earned the only point for Hilden B when they lost by 34 shots away to Ewarts in Private Greens Division 5.

Harron was playing a three-man rink and ended all square but when Ewarts were quartered Hilden won by five shots.

Max McClean went down by six shots, Hughy Murray by eight and Robin Campbell lost by 25 shots.

P. Long 20, J. Grant, L. Finlay, N. Falvey, M. McClean 14; T. Harrison 25, B. Garrett, D. Dawson, C. Morrison, H. Murray 17; A. McClean 30,A. Smyth, E. Finlay, I. Harrison, R. Campbell 5; A. Coggle 15, A. Harron, P. Logan, N. Mawhinney, D. Harron 20.

Hilden B kept their unbeaten run in Private Greens Division 5 going with a win away to Shaftesbury B which netted 5.5 points.