Point and a half for Garvey

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Whitehead 88 (5.5) Lisnagarvey 65 (1.5)

Lisnagarvey did well when settling for 1.5 points away to Whitehead, going down by 23 shots in NIBA Division 1.

At the tenth Neil Mulholland was 16-7 ahead and 21-8 at 15 ends and though slipping a little Garvey won by six shots.

Down 10-11 at the tenth and 12-15 at 15 ends Martin Nelson failed to score again and lost by 14 shots.

Down 3-13 at the tenth and 7-20 at 15 ends Noel Graham lost by 15 shots.

At the tenth Ivan Craig was 5-12 down and 9-15 but Garvey came back and a last end three earned them a tie.

S. McKinley 19, S. Irwin, G. Riley, K. Armstrong, N. Mulholland 25; M. McHugh 26, A. Johnston, W. Scott, J. McCloughlin, M. Nelson 12; B. Browne 25, S. Jess, P. Hughes, J. Chapman, N. Graham 10; J. Caldwell 18, C. Aicken, J. Shortt, G. McCloughlin, I. Craig 18.