Nathan hits back as Dromore win

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Dromore 97 (6) Sydenham 58 (1)

Nathan Haire lost the first five ends but hit back with a vengeance to win by 24 shots which set Dromore up for a 39 shots win and six points at home to Sydenham in NIBA Division 2.

Down 4-15 at one stage Tom Haire followed his son’s example and came back to get home by two shots.

Gavin Clinghan could not quite get in touch with his opponent and lost by six shots.

S.G.Malcolmson was in control throughout to get victory by 19 shots.

W.Stevenson, R.Bolton, N.Shaw, N.Haire 33, A.McDonald 9; A.Matthews, K.Poots, B. Graham, T.Haire 20, L.Carson 18; K.Aiken, S.Harrison, G.Dawson, G.Clinghan 15, T. McClean 21; B.Taylor, R.Greer, B.Clinghan, S.G.Malcolmson 29, R.Watson 10.

Nothing artificial here as Dromore B tie

Antrim 73 (3.5) Dromore B 73 (3.5)

Dromore B were away on the artificial surface at Antrim but they managed to get a tie in NIBA Division 5.

Down 7-10 and 10-12 Tom Sudlow came back to win by six shots.

Alan Sudlow was 9-3 and 15-4 in front before letting it slip though winning by three shots.

Down 5-15 and 9-18 Tommy Wilson did well to finish up losing by six shots.

Sammy Malcolmson was 11-5 and 17-10 up but he lost by three shots.

R.McCullough 17, J.Cunningham, J.Davis, H.Maxwell, T.Sudlow 23; T.Evans 12, J. Black, W.J.Morgan, I.Houston, A.Sudlow 15; D.McCullough 24, T.Ogle, J.Dickson, R. Campbell, T.Wilson 18; M.Teer 20, F.Stinson, B.Brown, C.Davis, S.Malcolmson 17.