Malone fail to get a win

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Willowfield B 75 (7) Malone 52 (0)

Malone returned from Willowfield B without a point when losing by 23 shots in Private Greens Division 4.

Frazer Thompson came close when losing by two shots but the others fell short on all occasions.

F. Curry 20, R. Wilson, U. Ramsey, I. McKay, E. Mairs 10; R. Irwin 19, J. Finlay, J. Wilson, B. Carson, F. Thompson 17; J. Hagan 18, D. Mayne, A. Brown, R. Mairs, T. Monro 12; B. Thompson 18, J. Grant, B. Burrows, A. Kerr, D. Nelson 13.